Why Social Media Marketing is Essential in 2017

Why Social Media Marketing is Essential in 2017

Have you tried to promote your brand on social media? If you haven’t, you’re lagging behind.

Social media has changed the way that businesses sell their products and services and how consumers buy them. In 2017, that trend isn’t going to slow down.

Whether you’re hesitant about technology and haven’t locked down a clear strategy for promoting your brand on social media yet, or if you aren’t sold on the idea of investing in it, here are a few reasons why social media marketing is essential in 2017.


Every single social media platform is free to use. Free! How can anyone argue you with free?

Not only that, when you sign up to Facebook you’re signing on to a place where over a billion people spend their time. Billion with a “B”. You can’t tap into that market if you aren’t there.

Even if you choose to promote your brand with click-through ads or other platform-based promotional features, you’ll still spend pennies compared to what you would on traditional advertising. Bottom line: it’s cheap.

It’s Where Users Are

Go where the people are. Some 79% of adults use Facebook, according to Pew Research. That means nearly 80% of your consumer base spends time there. The number of people who use social media daily is also expected to jump from 1.96 billion to 2.5 billion by 2018.

Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram also have a serious chunk of the population’s attention. If you don’t go where people spend their time, you’ll lose out on a seriously powerful opportunity to share your brand’s message.

Competition is Fierce

In marketing, you can’t afford to fall behind. Your competitors are constantly searching for new and improved ways to sell their services and goods. It’s up to you to fall in line and use social media to target your base.

2017 will continue the change toward visual communications like videos and infographics. Now is the time to jumpstart your social media presence and improve your business along the way. Need help getting started? Contact our professionals at May Marketing, LLC.

Chris May
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