The Importance of Social Media in a Digital Age

The Importance of Social Media in a Digital Age

We continue our series on improving your digital presence by exploring social media. What kind of social media? All of it! Actually, we will more specifically be discussing social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Social media is an excellent tool to beef up your presence online, as an overwhelming majority of the US population uses these platforms. Social media usage has gotten to the point where if you don’t use it, you’re “living under a rock.” Because an overwhelming majority of your potential customers are online, you should be too!

For most sites, profile creation for groups and organizations is free. You can pay for ads and posts to be boosted, which means that people are more likely to see them as “sponsored” posts, but that’s largely the extent that sites like Facebook and Twitter have in terms of cost. You only have to take the time to post and share information about your products, services, and any other information that your company finds relevant to doing what it does. Sites like LinkedIn also provide another means of reach. It has earned the reputation “Facebook with a tie,” due to its more professional user base. Many of the users on LinkedIn are influencers in some manner and can promote your business to others in their network and is also a useful tool in recruiting talent for your workforce.

Twitter is a microblogging site that allows you to instantly reach millions upon millions of users with a simple “tweet.” These are usually little blurbs about whatever your company has trending right now, or an event coming soon. Twitter is an excellent way of generating some buzz for your business. Tying back into our topics of SEO, more shares of your tweets get more attention. More attention means more visits to your website or media pages that link to your site. More and more traffic will improve the quality of your links, and your ranking in search engines.

Facebook is a social network site that allows users to connect with people and groups they otherwise wouldn’t be able to normally and communicate much faster than in days past. Many companies host a page on Facebook to more easily interact with customers directly, as opposed to tweeting about something upcoming on Twitter. It provides a much more personal and meaningful interaction with customers, which helps build a relationship with them. Happy customers give good reviews, and likely will share your page. This will boost your overall exposure.
These are just two of a variety of social media sites to host. As mentioned, LinkedIn is another service available, as well as a multitude more. By adopting a social media platform, you will see a boost in your online exposure!

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