Tracking Brand Exposure Utilizing Moz

Tracking Brand Exposure Utilizing Moz

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My name is William Davis. I am a student currently attending Eastern Kentucky University studying Marketing and Economics. I am interning with May Marketing, LLC, located in Richmond, Kentucky. This marks the first entry for our weekly blog on how to improve your digital brand exposure. I’m here today to show you one of the ways to track your digital success with how we market what matters.

Moz is a wonderful tool for tracking where you stand in the digital marketplace, at no cost for its exposure service. The site tracks your presence on sites such as Hotfrog and Yelp that reach a network of potential B2B customers. It sets milestones for how much exposure your company is receiving by tracking what sites your company appears on. It also keeps watch for any imposters that are posing as your company (, 2018).

So why is all this important? When you get more listings on websites like Hotfrog or Yelp, search engines like Google and Bing are more likely to pick your site up from the ocean of relevant or irrelevant sites. Research suggests that social media support and backlinks (links from other sites that lead to your site) are among the top factors affecting your ranking (Ziakis et al, 2019). More listings will mean more links referencing your site, which will improve your overall ranking for the best results.

Most potential customers are not going to look beyond the first page of their preferred search engine to find a company to solve their problem. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your site will make it on that first page, so that you are given the opportunity to make that impression on your potential customers. Your company can’t show your consumers what makes you the best candidate for their problem if it gets buried under the wave of search results.

By utilizing resources like Moz, your company can set itself on the path to success in this ever-changing digital marketplace. Your content will be able to reach more customers, all the while improving your odds of beating out the competition for those sweet Google search spots.

You can find more content like this on May Marketing LLC’s Blog. We will be posting more content every week.


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